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FW REGAL ROSE is a 2008, Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare bred by Falconwood Legacy Bloodstock. She is by our stallion, FW Bacarrat, and out of MB Maaressa. Regal Rose is a big, bold filly, tall, with a very long neck, dished face, great movement , tail carriage, and big eyes. She has a "Show Attitude" and would be a good show candidate or she would add movement and beauty to your program.

Her dam, MB Maaressa, an Orashan daughter, is one of our senior foundation mares. Her foals have garnered many Championships, and they go on to produce high quality foals, themselves. Her Sire, FW Bacarrat, is by Thee Gambler. Bacarrat has a beautiful, masculine face, extreme neck, is nearly 16hh, with outstanding movement, and conformation. CLICK BELOW TO SEE VIDEO

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FW Sweet Jubilation, 2008 Filly, was bred by Falconwood Legacy Bloodstock. She is sired by FW Bacarrat and is out of FW Jubilation (Thee Gambler daughter.) This is a very tall, refined filly, with a long and well shaped neck. She has a sweet face, small throat latch, and nice movement. Breeders can never have enough of these traits in their breeding herds. Her dam, FW Jubilation, is a foundation mare, and has produced beautiful, quality, chestnut and flaxen fillies as in the small photo.

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FW DANCING DIVA is a 2002 straight Egyptian Arabian mare bred by Falconwood Legacy Bloodstock  Her dam, Dhakira is a black Dalul granddaughter.  Her Sire, The Revolution, is by Thee Desperado and out ot Bint Zaarina, a Ruminaja Ali daughter.  Revolution twice won “unanimous Most Classice” at the Event.   Bint Zaarina is twice, U. S. and Canadian, National Top Ten Halter Mare.  I have photos of both Sire and Dam that I can send.  And, I have a short video of Diva that I can email, but a better one will be on this page in the Spring.  Diva is tall and big bodied, with good movement and dished face. She has a nice long neck and is well balanced.
Diva has a lot to add to a breeding program.  She gets the size and “stretch” from Desperado/Ruminaja Ali cross, and the super movement from the
Dalul side of her dam, Dhakira, that has thae suspended trot we all like.


FW Jubilant Dancer is a 2007, straight Egyptian Arabian filly, bred by Falconwood Legacy Bloodstock.   She is by our stallion, FW Bacarrat,  and out of our foundation mare, FW Jubilation ( a Thee Gambler daughter.)  Dancer is a big, bold filly, with a nice dished face, big eyes, upright neck, good movement. She has lots of pizzazz.  Her dam, Jubilation is one of our longtime, foundation mares that produces quality, every time.  Dancer is by FW Bacarrat, and has the great traits that our big boy passes to his foals.  Being nearly 16hh, he produces, big, bold foals, like Dancer, with larger eyes, longer necks.  He also passes on great conformation, long legs, and wonderful movement.  Check on our Stallion Page for more information about the sire of our Arabian Fillies for Sale.

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Wajiih El Nefous

This is a great gelding with an "in your pocket" personality. He was breed by Falconwood Legacy Bloodstock and is a beautiful son of Shabab Jamal, out of a Thee Gambler daughter. Wajiih is 15.2, and was foaled 2003. This beautiful guy, "has been well-loved and enjoyed!"

He has been shown and earned money/points in Dressage, Endurance, Hunter and Sporthorse. Wajiih loves to trail ride and has been ridden everywhere, on the beach, on the Pacific Crest Trail, in the CTRs, in the rivers, on the cliffs and around a bear....no problem! This is a happy horse with a very soft mouth and ridden exclusively in a snaffle. bosal, or halter. Loves people and attention. There are several videos of him on YouTube.

He is 100% sound and up to date on vet and farrier. Price $8,500.



THEE GAMBLER X Ittasama Jamila) 

Another beautiful face out of the Falconwood breeding program. She is another example of these bloodlines and  the extreme faces it keeps producing.  KISSY is a full-sister to ALI JAMOR.  KISSY has had two fillies.  The first filly we lost from a bad fall.  The second filly I am retaining, and she resembles closely another great filly, Twice Kissed. This female family is quite prepotent and a great asset for someone that is looking for type.  In addition to her type, KISSY is one of the sweetest mares that I have encountered. Foaled:  May, 1999

 (SHABAB JAMAL x Queen Ohearts)

"Miss Independent," thinks she is the center of attention.  This beautiful chestnut and flaxen filly has a lot of presence and athletic ability.  She will be tall and well-built with a huge hip, very upright, great legs and short coupling. Not only will she be a halter filly, but flashy in performance. SHABAB puts great length of neck on his foals and this filly will be no exception.  Her dam is lovely and adds a lot of good looks. Foaled April 18, 2005.

(SOLD) KASSANAH PRINCESS (Sold to the Middle East)
(Thee Gambler X Kajmir Princess)

Another beautiful daughter of Thee Gambler with exotic looks and color, KASSY is three-years-old and ready to be shown in Halter or Performance. She has wonderful movement and tail carriage with a "look at me" attitude. Her doe-eyed face will win your heart, as well. KASSY will be an outstanding addition as foundation breeding for any new or established program. Her sire, Thee Gambler, won multi-National titles in Stallion Halter and her dam garnered Buckeye Reserve Champion and multiple Class A championships. Breeding/Halter quality abounds in this pedigree. KASSY is Sweepstakes Nominated and Pyramid Society Futurity Nominated. Foaled: 2003


LAINA is another beautiful face and body by TG. This yearling filly has a "show presence" that will be a great asset in the arena. She is tall and refined, with lots of stretch and movement. She will be a serious contender and should be shown at halter. Special consideration to a show home. Foaled: April 19, 2003

(THEE GAMBLER x Ittasama Jamila)

This beautiful, yearling filly is out of a black bay, The Minstril daughter. KISS is show/foundation quality and a very special girl. She is a full sister to Champion, World Class Filly, Gambler's Kiss. This cross is a producer of Champions with the granddame being the black, Ruminaja Ali daughter, Alijamila. Give me a call to make me an offer on this outstanding filly. Special consideration will be given to an owner that will show. Foaled on April 23, 2003.

(THEE GAMBLER x Princess Gambler)

This beautiful GAMBLER filly is out of a Thee Desperado daughter. Breeding one generation away has resulted in an excellent cross. Just enough diversity in pedigree and enough to retain and set all those beautiful attributes we love. "TIA" is of excellent quality, refined, with a long and shapely neck, and gorgeous eyes. She is a foundation filly and one that needs to be in the show arena. Foaled: August 7, 2003.

(THEE GAMBLER x MB Maaressa)

FANCY is a great example of the beautiful daughters produced by THEE GAMBLER. Her liver chestnut color against her flaxen mane is a plus to her great conformation and quality. FANCY was Champion, World Class filly, as was her younger full-sister and her full-brother was top ten in World Class Colts. Proven in the show arena FANCY is now to be proven in the breeding shed. Her dam is an extraordinary producer when bred to THEE GAMBLER and I expect FANCY to produce just as well. She was bred to SHABAB JAMAL for a 2004 foal. Foaled: May 12, 1999


(THEE GAMBLER x Shateena Sharaf)

Honey is an outstanding chestnut filly with a very blonde mane and tail, and "attitude plus." She has a beautiful Arabian face, with big brown eyes and tiny ears. This is a great filly, definitely, halter quality! She is flashy and has the presence to be a dynamic force in the show ring. A big, stretchy filly, upright and powerful, with large chest and hip, she is extremely athletic, tight-coupled and long-legged. She can do it all Halter/Breeding/performance , and do it well. You will love this glamour girl. She is out of a, Champion, Moniet El Sharaf daughter that has an illustrious pedigree. Note: This is another great cross that has been proven over and over again with GAMBLER

Foaled 4-10-99
Straight Egyptian

Terry Plunkett, FW Rosette Rose, Fancy Gambler, and Marilyn Thomas,
at the 2001 Egyptian Event.

(THEE GAMBLER x MB Maaressa)

Rose and Fancy, both by THEE GAMBLER, and full sisters, won blue ribbons in their respective classes. Rose was shown by Michael Byatt in World Class Fillies of 1999 and Fancy was shown by Michael in World Class Fillies of 2000. Terry, Rose's new owner, took Rose home to California and showed her in Los Angeles, at the Regional Qualifying Show. Rose was shown by Rich Simpkins and garnered Champion, Yearling Purebred Arabian Filly. She was shown back in the Championships and garnered, Reserve Junior Champion Filly.

Kim Potts, Gambler's Kiss, and Marilyn Thomas.

(THEE GAMBLER x Ittasama Jamila)

CHAMPION, WORLD CLASS FILLIES OF 1999, Egyptian Event 2000

Shown by Kim Potts, Kissy was Champion, World Class Fillies of 1999, Egyptian Event 2000, where she garnered a trophy and blue ribbon. Kissy is in Houston with her new owner, Therese Newland, and will be bred to Falconwood's Junior Stallion, Shabab Jamal, in the Spring.

(THEE GAMBLER x Shateena Sharaf)

Who ever said straight Egyptians can't move? Moving out on this big, three-year-old should be a lot of fun. At 15.2 hh, he is extremely flashy with his four whitesocks, strip and long flaxen locks. There is no doubt this is a performance horse with a lot of potential. HIGH STAKES has a sweet personality, loves people, and is willing to please. Take him from the ground up and his value will do nothing but increase. Call for more info and photos. Foaled: April 11, 2001

2003 Colt by THEE GAMBLER

(SOLD ) FW SHAMAL (Pending)

2003 Colt by SHABAB JAMAL (Registration Pending)


(Thee Desperado x Bint Zaarina)

This young Egyptian stallion is royally bred and should be purchased by "serious breeders." With his "extreme" length of neck, naturally good throatlatch, type, size and charisma, he has much to offer in the breeding barn. We feel he can help to "revolutionize" the Egyptian look" just as his Sire, Thee Desperado, is currently doing. Many Egyptian breeders are inspired to breed National contenders, and REVO can help you reach that goal. By a U.S. National Champion Stallion and out of Ruminaja Ali's most famous daughter and double, National, Top Ten Halter Mare, Bint Zaarina, REVOLUTION is a one of a kind, in the Egyptian world. His pedigree is heavy in Ruminaja Ali bloodlines. Ali is the Grandsire of the Sire and the Sire of his Dam, just as the Bedouin breeders believed made the perfect pedigree. It explains his great resemblence to Ali. If any young stallion has the potential to be great, REVO is the one with the pedigree to back him up. We will retain breedings.

Sweepstakes Nominated
Foaled 7-18-96
Straight Egyptian